Blackmail Mistress

Does the idea of being toyed with and losing control to a young dominant Princess with blackmail make you excited? Do you crave the loss of control? I know you do… you love the the thrill of being forced into total submission, at any cost… and you know you want it, now!

Blackmail with me is both fun, and very real. No need to be too scared my stupid little future blackmailed puppet slave, its going to feel so good when you are caught in my sexy web of deviant evil-doings. It only hurts in a good way! *hehehe*

First you will need to surrender a multitude of your information to me, which can be done with my hot blackmail application contract, or by me extracting it from you. Read on my simpletons because your newest fetish addiction, and the most exciting time of your life is just a few clicks away.

Get my blackmail Contract Here

blackmail contract


Go ahead wimp, give in to your inner idiot and treat yourself to what will be the most amazing fucking-over you have always wanted. You must have realized by now that your not strong enough, or smart enough to control your own life… but this is where I come in – With my sexy manicured bratty fingers I will rip all control from you… laughing as you become so utterly helpless to my manipulations and evil ways… But none the less… being in total bratty control of you!

Blackmail Contract For Married Men

This one is just for the married men! Click Here



1. Blackmail Info Extraction: I also do sessions on-line where the information on the blackmail form can be extracted from you. This works by purchasing time with me/tributing for my time, and then we spend time on Yahoo Messenger where I will speak with you, maybe use liquor as a tool, or even via phone. To have me extract your info, or assist in weakening you, visit my contact page. Or phone me.

2. Enticement With The Blackmail Application: If you have bought my hot blackmail contract, & you have filled it out, but your too nervous to hit “send” and send that info to me… Its a good idea to use my videos, or pictures, or even my intoxication assignments to help you “Press Send” – In addition you may also send a tribute to me, and then contact me on Yahoo for a little of my bratty coaching! :twisted:

3. Blackmail Rules: In deed, I do have some rules I will follow. Should you become blackmailed by me, and you decide you want out and to end the blackmail… after your buy-out, or when an agreement to end the blackmail has been reached… I will honor the ending of it and your information will not ever be used against you again, unless you request to begin blackmail again.

During a “blackmail Trial” which is where you will give your info to me, but not for an extended blackmail fucking-over… just for a trial or to get a taste of what it will be like. Your information will not be used against you outside of your trial.

~ I have these rules in place as even though this is blackmail, and I dont need to follow rules, I recognize there must be some control. Being ruthless, careless, selfish, greedy, and playfully mean has made me a lot of money – However, keeping these rules in place and abiding to them, has made many many of my brainless weak blackmail subjects coming back over and over for some expensive fun, as they know my rules provide Safe-Danger.

With that said, when blackmail is on… Your Ass Is MINE!

More Blackmail: I have some blackmail videos in my Femdom Mall – On Clips4Sale – All blackmail goodies are free inside my members area

slave-members area

Visit my members area for free access to ALL my slave applications, blackmail contracts, and all my other deviant femdom applications, forms, and contracts!

Blackmail Contract Form via NiteFlirt

You realize you dont deserve any control, you know how hot and exciting it will be once I have my perfectly manicured bratty hands in your life. In such a way that I become your Big-Boss, the one you must consult with, and fear.

Your worthless prick throbs at the idea of Me blackmailing you into a hot web which cant ever, nor ever want to escape. You Can Not resist Princess Mindy – you Need to give in to Me, and all your control is Mine!

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