Brainwash Control – A mind fuck & Brainwash MP3

Brainwashing Mind Control & Weekend masturbation tease-torture Assignment!

Treat yourself to the unique and talented audio editing which ad’s to this impressive and captivating Brainwashing Deviant Mind Treat which will BOTH play deviant games through my dark and playful editing BUT also my words and voice will come together like never before and 100% infect the minds of each and every stupid subject silly enough to listen to the MP3 that will rape your minds!

One thing is certain after you hear this, you WILL become pathetically and hopelessly addicted to me. (((you may also listen just for the deviant mind diddling)))

PLUS: Just to make sure for even the most stubborn pea-brains, I have infused Brain Waves very quietly into this MP3 which will control you on a cellular level… Theres no way out of this brainwashing and control!

8 minutes long!

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8 Minutes Long

Free Audio Preview: *listen with headphones on*

The audio preview is a small sample to get your pea-brains wet!

Brainwashing and hypnosis is 100% real. theres actually nothing spooky, magical or mystical about it, its really just science.  Where it gets exciting for hypno slaves and brainwashed drone minion robot and mind controlled slaves… or curious fetish hypnosis slave – When *I*, this magnificent, bossy, trickery, scandalous & very smart little devil, begins My magical powers are sent your way and yo hear my bratty, well-spoken and very sexy voice and all of my deviant suggestions… THEN it feels like hypnosis magic, or brainwashing black-magic or some kind of powerful femdom fetish sexy magic… I steal your mind, reprogram and retrain your mind. making you who ever and whatever I chose. At my whim!

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Buy On Clips4sale: Brainwash Control – A mind fuck & Brainwash MP3

After you hear my amazing 8 minute brainwashing mind control tease torture and masturbation assignment MP3 – you will quickly find out why I have so many submissive little ale slaves and puppy slaves, perverts future ivorce slaves are SO in Love With ME. Its because not only am i beautiful and exotic… you can tell in my fetish femdom MP3 how smart I really am… In fact its one things I hear all the time, is how impressed my slaves are with how brilliant I am! Of course that means nothing to me most times because allot of the time I think I’m smarter than everyone else anyway! hahaa oh yes my slave, this brainwashing hypno Domme Princess is full of herself as much as she is GREAT at brainwashing slaves!

Yes your mind will be mine – you cant stop me from stealing your mind and controlling everything you do… you will love this tease jerk off JOI masturbation assignment… With this brainwashing audio (its not wav file, its an actual mp3 so you can play it on every device!)


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