Slave & Blackmail Contracts

Slave and Blackmail Contracts


slave Identity Theft & Assassination Application form

Most people fear this, but here you are with a  hard cock & looking to get Mindy abused in the newest most deviant fucked up and truly diabolically-horny piece of devils work!!! This is Blackmail on STEROIDS,(its not even blackmail – its so much more) its so much more invasive and shocking then even my […]


Russian Roulette Blackmail Fun

This is actually a very simple and light-weight, BUT very risky little form… Unlike my typical balls to the wall blackmail forms and extraction tools… This is a simple little, fair game of Russian Roulette… I only ask a handful of basic questions… only a little fraction of whats usually asked… THIS way gives you a […]


Slave Information harvesting & Profiling Form

Big Sister Project “Slave information harvesting & profiling” is now in effect… and you have NEVER been so dehumanized & grilled like this before… Be put under my deviant microscope, examined and investigated in every bratty way – NOTHING is left private, nothing remains personal… I will ask it ALL… Fill out my Information Harvesting […]


Buy My slavery request form

Main Slavery Request Form: Click Here ($100)  – Paying the $100.00 give you the password to access, fill out, and send to me your Slavery Request Form. Paying this also includes the tribute I request to review and accept your request! *Perfect – this is everything you need, so click here and Buy Now!* ~~~ […]

chained slave

Protected: Deep Slavery Application Form

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.


Slave Application Forms

Deep Slavery Application Form (Buy The Access Password Here) – This slave application form is for the slaves that like it personal, deep, real and with a touch of devience and offers an a bigger bang in your nuts. This form is for those who like it harder and want to start with a bang […]

Slave Contracts

 Slave Applications – Slave Contracts – & Blackmail Forms Slave Application 101 – Want to be my bitch? and have your boring ownerless days changed into exciting Used & Abused fetish days led by Me??? Of course you do little servant boy – so fill out the above application and await my bratty reply! Blackmail […]