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slave Identity Theft & Assassination Application form

Most people fear this, but here you are with a  hard cock & looking to get Mindy abused in the newest most deviant fucked up and truly diabolically-horny piece of devils work!!! This is Blackmail on STEROIDS,(its not even blackmail – its so much more) its so much more invasive and shocking then even my Slave Profiling & Information Harvesting Form – THIS is SHEER Bratty Trouble… Iv been SO CRUEL that half way in this very detailed and shocking form Iv left a photo which will make it hard for you NOT to touch yourself, yet I command you to stare at it for a few minutes… after that knowing your dick will be hard as a rock and throbbing, THEN I ask you more questions and carry on with the form knowing Iv just taken the rest of the blood from your head and sent it to your dick… NOW I have you answering questions with a hard cock and Iv drained your logic to your cock… Ahh yes puppy, thats how magical I am – Iv got you filling out my form with your dick and you dont even know it!  $25.00

THIS entitles me the ability to virtually do what ever I want and you wont be able to stop Me… If *I* want I could, slowly or quickly drain your money from various accounts – at my will… I could ruin your image, become you just for shits and giggles and leave a bratty trail of a mess for you to try and clean up… Who knows – maybe Ill find something about you intriguing and decide you should be My toy 100% alone and homewreck you for my own personal Greed!

IDENTITY THEFT & ASSASSINATION FETISH – It is an umbrella for allot of deviant bratty, line crossing fun! Think about it… Filling this out and sending it off makes you a sitting duck in my pretty sparkling pink Princess pond of Deviance! ***after you fill it out in full & send it to me – you just wait for me to contact you as I will shortly after!***

The possibilities are endless… it just depends on the combinations of success I have with what I do and what you submit – blackmail, cloning, financial draining, financial abuse, humiliation, credit destruction, home-wrecking, And More!)



Russian Roulette Blackmail Fun

This is actually a very simple and light-weight, BUT very risky little form… Unlike my typical balls to the wall blackmail forms and extraction tools… This is a simple little, fair game of Russian Roulette… I only ask a handful of basic questions… only a little fraction of whats usually asked…

THIS way gives you a fair chance to get all your ducks in a row, hide what you can… and give me SOME info – not quite enough to really make sure the blackmail happens… BUT just enough that I MIGHT, just maybe, MIGHT have the chance to catch you in my blackmail web…

This is PERFECT for those who want to experience a little bit of blackmail, but always too pussy to go for the whole thing… Fair Is fair – you only have to cough up the basics… Sure I asked the “right” basics, but this… is more about SUSPENSE… will I find you? will you get caught?

This is Russian Roulette Blackmail… Its a gamble for Me too – I might be wasting my time, checking out your info… BUT… I might catch you!

who wins? buy and see who has the upper hand… 50 / 50 chance you’re just going to have cheap HOT thrills… and of course, you might end up my little bitch!

 / $17.99

OR FREE In My Members Area!!!

Russian Roulette BLACKMAIL – 50 / 50 chance you will escape unmarked… 50% chance Ill wring your balls out DRY!


Slave Information harvesting & Profiling Form

Big Sister Project “Slave information harvesting & profiling” is now in effect… and you have NEVER been so dehumanized & grilled like this before…

Be put under my deviant microscope, examined and investigated in every bratty way – NOTHING is left private, nothing remains personal… I will ask it ALL… Fill out my Information Harvesting Form and take part in possibly the single handed most IDIOTIC, yet HOT and cock hardening exciting femdom adventure of your life… The government keeps their big brother eye on you sheep all the time, BUT NOW *Im* keeping the big Sister eye on you and theres NO TELLING WHAT *I’ll* do with ALL this dirty and personal information!!!

Imagine a blackmail application, on steroids…  Imagine filling out the deepest, most private and jaw dropping form you’ve ever seen… HOW DARE I ask this stuff… hahahah loser, you dont mean ANYTHING to Me, but now that I have all your information… lets see how I can entertain myself with you!

***BUY NOW – MUST BUY*** You’ll be wanking to my bratty ball-sy audacity, to the nerve of my obvious ill-natured questions…***

READING this is one experience all in itself… Filling it out will be yet another… Sending it… is not for the pussies, weak or anyone Not ready to become ENSLAVED!

 / $25

OR FREE In My Members Area!!!


Buy My slavery request form

Main Slavery Request Form: Click Here ($100)  – Paying the $100.00 give you the password to access, fill out, and send to me your Slavery Request Form. Paying this also includes the tribute I request to review and accept your request! *Perfect – this is everything you need, so click here and Buy Now!*

Buy Slavery request Form Now!


Currently there is only one slavery request form. Its above this text here.

The Slavery Request form is a complete and detailed slavery application form that will get us off to the best start and enable me to exploit you and your fetishes best! :)

Purchasing the Slavery request form is the perfect way to introduce yourself, start your servitude to Me, send your starting tribute with fetish information on yourself for a smooth quick start!
Buy Slavery request Form Now!


Protected: Deep Slavery Application Form

This post is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:


Slave Application Forms

Deep Slavery Application Form (Buy The Access Password Here) – This slave application form is for the slaves that like it personal, deep, real and with a touch of devience and offers an a bigger bang in your nuts. This form is for those who like it harder and want to start with a bang too, and jump right into the awesome-ness of being my full-on bitch slave! *HOT Item*

DEEP Slavery Application Form $50This is for the slaves who like a little bit more control for ME! and allot less for you!

Slave Application 101 (Buy Now) - Desperate to be MY little peon loser slave? – “twisted” Yes you are! Well waste no more of your time short-dick panty boy… Fill out my slave application now and wait for the amazing excitment thats coming right after!

Slave Application 101 $30.00 Buy this standard slave 101 application NOW!

Blackmail Forms & Contracts

Blackmail Contracts & Applications For more contracts that offer something a little harder... Try My blackmail!




HOW TO GET ACCEPTED?: Well obviously your life isint going to get any more exciting as a slave if you dont make the move and fill this out… You KNOW you are aching to see what questions I have on here, and even more you just want to enjoy filling out MY application. Oh and lets not forget the amazing sexy hot THRILL of actually sending it to me after you’re done filling it out. Dont even bother trying to resist bitch… Pick one OR ALL Slave Application Forms & lets get thsi started bitch!       Why Apply? - HaHa because your nothing without me – you dont matter, count or even exsist unless I say so. Your little dinky needs me to insult you and abuse you before it can fully get hard… And because you know you cant resist a young bossy Brat like Me!




Slave Contracts

 Slave Applications – Slave Contracts – & Blackmail Forms

Slave Application 101 – Want to be my bitch? and have your boring ownerless days changed into exciting Used & Abused fetish days led by Me???

Of course you do little servant boy – so fill out the above application and await my bratty reply!

Blackmail Application Form – This is HOT and REAL!!! If you want to lose all control to devilish Me & experience the hotness of having this brat Princess take total control so you need my permission to even blink – Fill out my Blackmail Application Contract form

Tributes ARE a MUST – No Tribute = Deleted Unread Applications!

Send your Gift Or Tribute BEFORE sending The Forms!!!

spoil princess

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