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homewrecking MP3s

Iv done so much home-wrecking and had so much profit off attached men that I thought I should do something nice… So Iv made two very inexpensive MP3s that you WILL want!!! They’re not so much for you as they are your wife/gf… All you need to do is play these on her voicemail and leave the rest up to Me! ;)


Homewrecking voicemail audio for your wife/gf – the first call

this mp3 should be played out loud on your wife/gf’s cell phone or house phone… This mp3 is a staged recording where I act like Iv called her and she missed the call & Iv got her voicemail – what I say next will rock your relationship and break every last bi of trust! watch me turn your gf into a fucking paranoid insecure puddle of patheticness while I at the same time make her jealous… hear how Ill manipulate her in the audio and make her question reality… At the same time – I leave the voicemail open enough she really couldnt confront you with anything at all & you could easily play it off as a wrong number or prank call – BUT because of the manipulating things I say she will know about me and be unable to give you any real shit!!! Say hello to Homewrecker Games!


Homewrecking voicemail audio for your wife/gf – the introduction

this minute to 2 minute mp3 is a special introduction mp3 for your wife or gf. you should play this in her phone and allow her to experience a real life Princess Mindy homewrecking experience… I talk as if she missed my call and I got her voice mail… then I go on to tell her how I hear shes been paranoid and asking questions… then I go on to tell her what shes up against and tell her how you are actually my bitch not her man… Plus much more… buy this homewrecking mp3 for your wife NOW & subject her to the bratty snobby arrogant voice of mine while I casually tell her who I am! (this should be played for your wife after “the first call” voicemail is played!

~ Princess Mindy



How 2 Pimp Out Your Wife MP3

do you fantasize about pimping out your wife or girlfriend or her fucking a bunch of random other men? Buy this MP3 NOW and hear just how sneaky I am and hear my EASY and perverted dirty plan which will “accidently” turn your wife into a slut and prostitute! The best part is all the fun you’ll have before I turn her into a ho!!! Yes this is FUN, DIRTY & Real… buy now/listen now and turn your bitch into a cash making hooker! :)

MP3 Length: 4:40

$7.77 Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

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HOT financial domination Captioned Picture – 2 Versions!

This Hi-res large picture is a STUNNING, beautiful, CLASSY yet tease and slightly revealing photo. of course this exposing panty wedge picture was an accident BUT the fact that Im sitting in over $3000 in 20 and 50 dollar bills, with fishnets and beautiful Jessica Simpson pumps on – the photo is PURE Financial Pornographic Art!

Version #1 is a captioned photo which ANY slave who loves to have his cash drained by me will love… it has a simple greedy bratty caption and a VERY hot view as I mentioned above!!! BUY NOW $5.00 

Version #2 WIFE HUMILIATION & HOME-WRECKING! – version 2 is a caption which Iv written JUST for your wife/gf – I do encourage you to accidentally leave this Captioned Picture for her to find… it says enough to make her so made shes burst and froth at the mouth as well become INSANELY JEALOUS… Buy Now $5.00

Panty worship, semi revealing upskirt/panty wedge, financial domination, Goddess Worship


Home-wrecking In 1 Week – to do list assignment!

*1 of My favourite Home-wrecking assignments* This serious & actually do-able assignment is an absolute deviant piece of genius evil bratty work
- you have 20 SHOCKINGLY mean, deviant & perverted home-wrecking tasks you must do which involve your wife/gf – its discreet, so she wont really know – all she will know is how insanely pissed off, offended & hurt*boo hoo* that she is… All the while you will be having a raging hard-on DAILY for the entire duration of this assignment… which is ONE WEEK!

This assignment must be done in one week and you MUST do 10 of the 20 tasks… Ill tell you right now, its all HOT & sexy, but very deviant and conniving - Do this NOW and fufil the homewrecking orders that will fuck up your relationship LIGHTENING SPEED – and she or anyone else wont even know that you’re really just a servant of a hot scheming greedy brat!

This is REAL, this is FUN – and I take NO responsibility if you act this out & truly end up divorced or broken up! *enjoy idiots… trust me you’ll love this – because… the grass is greener slave!*


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Home-wrecking In 1 Week – to do list assignment

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Price : $15.00 (no account needed, just your credit card!)


face it slave boy, you love being my male slave and being used, abused & home wrecked by a hot young black & white (bi-racial) Princess like Me… you want a divorce, its no fetish for you, nope its the real deal – you want my sexy bubble butt & mixed girl booty on your face daily while I do my make-up… you want me to wipe my sweet feet on your face, you want me to ravage your wallet – all uninterrupted - thus you must be home wrecked by the Homewrecker Princess herself…

Theres a new sheriff in town!


Buy my home wrecked in 1 week slave assignment NOW! $15.00


Mindy VS. your bitch Home-wrecking Manipulatrix MP3

5 minutes of me talking so great about myself, trash talking your wife/gf…humiliating her AND THEN…
I use light, genius manipulation tactics against you… I convince you that you dislike her even more then you already do… AND THEN, I point out all the bratty reasons and real reasons she sucks… then I brag some more… comparing Me to her… I make her look like shit… Im OBVIOUSLY trying to home-wreck you and Im making your bitch sound like a total flea-bag… Listen now and hear HOW MY GENIUS and bratty and so deviant mind works… hear the shocking things I DO actually dare say.. Hear now & get a GOOD sense of my style & hear just how deviant this mind can get – trust me, after hearing this… you’re one step away from being single! ***Keep THIS in your MP3 player or ipod!!!***

5 minutes long / $5.00

[light mind games, humiliation, wife humiliation, self-edification, home-wrecking, manipulation & deceit ]


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Getting Used By ME Is A High Privilege!

By now I would assume its more than clear to you, how your life is pathetic and worthless with out Me… As you are well aware, just being in my world and havng the ability to serve me and talk to me is practically THE single BEST thing that has ever happened to you!

Im great, you suck, Im hot and you are so fucking NOT… Im smart, exotic, tall, big huge round boobs… a nice bubble butt and a very hot deviant mind – a lethal combo and one you cant resist… you know it, I know it and your bank account is about to know it too… Princess Mindy is in your life! hahaha

I can make your boring existence fun and with a purpose… you want it and you need it so you may as well put your balls in my purse right now and bow down because you’re going to fucking LOVE the way *I* objectify and use you… and I pretty much own you right now… My pictures and my devilish text are going to burn deep in your pea-brain… you’ll see… you’ll be thinking about Me & needing Me so much more – I win!..again…

you’ll love it so much because you will feel like you’re finally doing something fulfilling… filling up my purse while I transform you into a mere footstool… or maybe chauffeur, ATM machine or even my dress-up doll hahaha Ill basically reduce you into my dancing puppet who gets very little recognition and spends most of your days chasing the dangling carrotThis gold digger Princess LOVES to go digging!

I have that power over men because Im so damn hot, deviant, exotic and I know Im siting on a gold mine and I know just how to make my ASSets work for Me - As In; Im a hot number, irresistible and the kind who knows her power! hahaha Im going to steam roll over you and thanks to that horny stupid weenie of yours… you’ll let it all happen too! :)

Call Me $4.99 a min | 3 free mins for newbis! Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on Niteflirt.com

Now if we turn the attention back to you… well now we’re talking about a below average idiot, a weak and horny geek and someone who is way beneath Me… you get the left overs, you’re a wimpy bitch around hot girls like Me… you WISH you could sac up, man up and be that Hot Stud you wish you were… so that you could get me to notice you – but boohoo bitch thats not your reality… you’re just a bitch behind a desk pushing a pencil around all day… all so you can come home and give it all to Me!

Of course its okay to put your relationships last and Me first… you should and its expected… nothing else matters and you shouldnt even feel guilty… as long as you’re making ME happy thats all that matters!

your wife/gf is another “run of the mill” bag of snores.. and guess what bitch – I expect to be put WAY above her too… shes nothing and Im the hottest thing you’ve ever set your eyes on!

you’re in love, lust and you need to surrender to Me right now because as per stated above… you SUCK and serving Me is a HUGE treat for a simpleton slave like you!

Long Leg worship slaves, ass worship bubble butt lover slaves, foot fetish slaves, home-wrecking attached bitch boys, Hot Wife/gf Humiliation, forced intox junkies and my findom pay slaves… All of you will be fucking hooked over this black Mistress! Well, Im actually Half Black & Half White… which is the exotic combination you know you love most… oh yeah bitch as they say the Best Of Both… as you can see by my body!

your pay cheques are more like MY pay cheques… whats of any value and yours, is Mine… and of course whats mine is… All Mine! Its a HUGE privilege for a bland miss-print and horny pervert like you to be used, abused and exploited by Me!

Start your servitude to me Now! *tribute and contact Me*


Home-Wrecking Boobie Caption 4 your WIFE/GF

This HI-Res HOT picture is actually for you to leave for your wife or GF to find…

Its a captioned picture with me telling your wife what has happened to YOU, and her… IN the picIm wearing a short sexy Betsy Johnson garden dress and a pushup bra – My HUGE Round boobs are pretty much exploding – your wife/gf will be SO MAD, and SO JEALOUS when she sees my huge boobs, hot face and reading me tell her – shes been Home Wrecked!!!

Im going to fuck your relationship up bitch and make you all mine to use! This pic will cause your next breakup!

Hi-res Large Photo 900 pixels!

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