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homewrecking MP3s

Iv done so much home-wrecking and had so much profit off attached men that I thought I should do something nice… So Iv made two very inexpensive MP3s that you WILL want!!! They’re not so much for you as they are your wife/gf… All you need to do is play these on her voicemail and leave the rest up […]

How 2 Pimp Out Your Wife MP3

do you fantasize about pimping out your wife or girlfriend or her fucking a bunch of random other men? Buy this MP3 NOW and hear just how sneaky I am and hear my EASY and perverted dirty plan which will “accidently” turn your wife into a slut and prostitute! The best part is all the fun you’ll […]

HOT financial domination Captioned Picture – 2 Versions!

This Hi-res large picture is a STUNNING, beautiful, CLASSY yet tease and slightly revealing photo. of course this exposing panty wedge picture was an accident BUT the fact that Im sitting in over $3000 in 20 and 50 dollar bills, with fishnets and beautiful Jessica Simpson pumps on – the photo is PURE Financial Pornographic Art! Version #1 is […]

Home-wrecking In 1 Week – to do list assignment!

*1 of My favourite Home-wrecking assignments* This serious & actually do-able assignment is an absolute deviant piece of genius evil bratty work – you have 20 SHOCKINGLY mean, deviant & perverted home-wrecking tasks you must do which involve your wife/gf – its discreet, so she wont really know – all she will know is how […]

Mindy VS. your bitch Home-wrecking Manipulatrix MP3

5 minutes of me talking so great about myself, trash talking your wife/gf…humiliating her AND THEN… I use light, genius manipulation tactics against you… I convince you that you dislike her even more then you already do… AND THEN, I point out all the bratty reasons and real reasons she sucks… then I brag some […]

Getting Used By ME Is A High Privilege!

By now I would assume its more than clear to you, how your life is pathetic and worthless with out Me… As you are well aware, just being in my world and havng the ability to serve me and talk to me is practically THE single BEST thing that has ever happened to you! Im […]

Home-Wrecking Boobie Caption 4 your WIFE/GF

This HI-Res HOT picture is actually for you to leave for your wife or GF to find… Its a captioned picture with me telling your wife what has happened to YOU, and her… IN the picIm wearing a short sexy Betsy Johnson garden dress and a pushup bra – My HUGE Round boobs are pretty […]