Forced Bi

by Princess Mindy

Forced Bi – This forced Bi Mistress makes slaves suck cock training them to be good little forced bi fetish slaves. Homo training assignments, Videos, Captioned Pictures, audio recordings and even phone domme training available by this ultra perfect 100% superior forced bi Mistress!

Face it gay slave homo… You couldnt satisfy a woman & you know the only way your going to get someone off is if your taking it up your money whole from another man. Your an in-the-closet cock smoker… And Im going to boot you out of that closet on right onto your knees, which just so happens to be the exact place you belong!

Ill train you with my strap-on if needed but just know your going to amuse me by sucking off real dicks – like it or not!

If *I* want, and Im feeling extra mean I might turn you into my personal ho… you know – Dicks 4 Dollars!

How might you start the adventure of becoming my personal cock slut?

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Forced Bi Assignments:

Big Black Cock SlaveThe Hommie Hopper Assignment: you are going to service, and please a BIG BLACK COCK (BBC), and become the hommie hopper slut that you were meant to be. You know you love the idea of please black men and their big fat, thick cocks, and thats exactly what Im making you do!

In this assignment, I give you orders to do from your own home that will have you getting big fat black dicks off, and you will even get the joy of watching them “get off” on you too! You can even service multiple big black cocks, and be a super bbc slut – and have the pleasure of being my little bbc whore!

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Cum Slut BoyJerking off, cum guzzling & a cum whore facial… thats what your getting! You’ll feel like such a slut, and I know that you will love it.

I bet you cant wait to read the details, and to see what Im going to make a cum burping road whore like you do now. Well, I know your not a real man, and your a skank cum slut boy – and thats why these dirty instructions are calling out to you!!!

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Your going to be my cock sucking fag slave and theres nothing you can do about it either dick-smoker!
Im making you a bi sexual in the closet fruit loop gay-lord just for my own personal fun, besides I know your a bad fuck with a pathetic dick… Im really doing you a favor because once I get you liking the big-ole-dickaroo and your on your knees for a real man, then you will be useful – for once!

On your knees!

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Pimping Gay Boy SlavesForced Bi Gay Slave Prostitution Assignment Video. Watch me sit back all powerful & bossy as I tell you how its going to be! Im telling you were to put ads to sell your mouth and ass, how much you’ll sell yourself for, and when you must go with-out a rubber, and when your allowed to use one.
Oh and musnt piss off your pimp either… watch me tell you how Ill beat your face in and bust your fucking nuts up if you dont make me money money!!!
Ever want to feel what its like to get pimped out by a hot bossy Princess & threatened if you dont suck enough dick and make enough cash you’ll get your ass kicked?

Transforming stupid males into girly boys, cock whore sluts, and cum guzzling ho’s – Yes the humiliation I give is harsh and oh so exciting… but the fact is that its real too. Because you actually are the pathetic dick lover that I say you are.