Drake Wilcox is a sick pervert loser!

by Princess Mindy

20121202-124725.jpgthis is drake wilcox – a loser who is in arrears of $1300 to me which he scammed me out of… Moving on I thought the internet would like to know what an incestuous little pig this animal is… first of all he loves to rip women off so we know he has a piece of shit for a mother and thats why he has no respect for women. Strange though since he wants to lick his cousins pussy… it seems like he has some serious issues and a rather obvious loathe for himself the most. Getting back on track, I wanted to make it known that this fleshlight fucking incestuous scammer is also a thief as he admitted to stealing from his work to pay for his sexual addictions as well. Which also include his long history with screwing prostitutes! My favourite part is how he says his perversions are changing all the time and hes been fantasizing about gay things lately… admittedly he said they’re fantasies that scares him but who cares… now this loser is a fucking queer too! So in hopes his family, friends or work google him or recognize this ugly mug of his…

good day! ;) ***Ill have a blog with lots of juicy findom action later or tomorrow!***