Foot Fetish Mistress

by Princess Mindy

Foot Worship for submissive Foot Fetish males & Worship Videos | Forced Foot Worship | Nylon Feet | Bare Feet – Foot Fetish Slave worship & drool over my perfect feet, soles, toes, heels, and boots. Submissive foot worship fetish boys will be overtaken and fall hopelessly (and pathetically) in-love as my new sock puppet or foot-bitch you will rightfully so be where you belong – at my foot! On the floor where you belong of course… where all little carpet dwelling bitches should be… honoring and drooling over my powerful sexy feet… with your pedicure tools in hand, ready to jump to my every whim and demand – you will be transformed into my very own human foot-rubbing-machine, and of course my very own human-doormat!

you might be a black foot worship male, or an ebony foot fetish wimp, maybe a pathetic male who knows this mixed race Goddess is cruel enough, and mean enough to to force her foot down your throat while I sadistically laugh my pretty face off at your worthlessness.

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Live Foot Fetish Phone Domination With Princess Mindy

Famous feet of mine and their intoxicating highly addictive ways – Foot Job? No way foot-lint-boy, more like your job is to serve my feet! Female feet worship stories you will have for many days to come clown – because your going to have your foot fetish fantasies as a soot slave come true! Licking the lint off my knee-high socks while talk on the phone to my friends… Then snap my fingers as your signal to take my socks off with your teeth, then do your job licking my hot sweaty feet clean while I insult, humiliate, and degrade you!