homewrecking MP3s

by Princess Mindy

Iv done so much home-wrecking and had so much profit off attached men that I thought I should do something nice… So Iv made two very inexpensive MP3s that you WILL want!!! They’re not so much for you as they are your wife/gf… All you need to do is play these on her voicemail and leave the rest up to Me! ;)


Homewrecking voicemail audio for your wife/gf – the first call

this mp3 should be played out loud on your wife/gf’s cell phone or house phone… This mp3 is a staged recording where I act like Iv called her and she missed the call & Iv got her voicemail – what I say next will rock your relationship and break every last bi of trust! watch me turn your gf into a fucking paranoid insecure puddle of patheticness while I at the same time make her jealous… hear how Ill manipulate her in the audio and make her question reality… At the same time – I leave the voicemail open enough she really couldnt confront you with anything at all & you could easily play it off as a wrong number or prank call – BUT because of the manipulating things I say she will know about me and be unable to give you any real shit!!! Say hello to Homewrecker Games!


Homewrecking voicemail audio for your wife/gf – the introduction

this minute to 2 minute mp3 is a special introduction mp3 for your wife or gf. you should play this in her phone and allow her to experience a real life Princess Mindy homewrecking experience… I talk as if she missed my call and I got her voice mail… then I go on to tell her how I hear shes been paranoid and asking questions… then I go on to tell her what shes up against and tell her how you are actually my bitch not her man… Plus much more… buy this homewrecking mp3 for your wife NOW & subject her to the bratty snobby arrogant voice of mine while I casually tell her who I am! (this should be played for your wife after “the first call” voicemail is played!

~ Princess Mindy