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Hello submissive boy toys, This is my brat Princess blog/diary where you can read on all the devilish, hot & scandalous things I do to my slaves. Everything in here is real, like Me - so enjoy my bratty spoiled ways - and remember... it could happen to you too!

Blackmail Video (4 minutes long)

1st lure you even further into the idea of being blackmailed… Making my devilish web look so exciting that you can not resist. I then order the information you will send to me after watching the video. You then sit an anticipate my wicked bratty ways!

This video is only available in my members area


Humiliating you while I show off (7 minutes long)

Im looking ever so cute in this video but terrible rube and snobby, while I remind you what a fucking loser you are. Showing off my legs, knee-high socks and ass I remind you that Im too god for you & laugh at your pathetic- ness

These are two of my newest videos inside my members area… The humiliation video can also be bought with your nite flirt account. Dont have a nite flirt account? Come out of the dark ages loser and get one!

So as some of you dorks of mien may have noticed, I have a new PO Box #. Its the same address but now the box # is 34102

When I checked it today my pet from last weekend who got a financial spanking had sent a card with $100.00 to me and I had got it today. My money toy who continues to call me at $50.00 a minute has done so again, and of course hiding from wifey! :lol: I love that! He couldn’t resist sending me another $400.00 tribute, he just loves getting used.

Iv had about 7 joins to my members area yesterday and today, Its very amusing every time you toys join… I laugh to myself every time one of you join because I know what lays ahead for you. I know what my members area does to you wimps. Its like a main line hit straight to your ultimate addiction :twisted:

Well my sock puppets, while my foot fetish site is done the members area is not quite. It is however 95% done and looks very good! I cant wait till i start banging the net with that site… You sock puppets are going to be OWNED! :lol:

On another subject, and dare I even say it… BUT I think summer might actually be here this time. The snow is gone and it was nice enough today we didnt even need coats :shock: So I took advantage of it and went for a little walk to the store. I really hate walking. I love to be chauffeured around but when you live here and warm weather comes its exciting, so I went for a walk and soaked up the warm air and sun.

In couture velour pants, a little top, my Gucci sunglasses, and a cute high pony tail… I was a sight! Totally cute.

Anyway pencil dicks, Im done for now.

Bye bye bitches!

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