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Hello submissive boy toys, This is my brat Princess blog/diary where you can read on all the devilish, hot & scandalous things I do to my slaves. Everything in here is real, like Me - so enjoy my bratty spoiled ways - and remember... it could happen to you too!

So yesterday I put out a super diabolical information extraction form http://www.mistressmindy.net/invasion-and-exploitation-application-contract and OMG its STILL selling like CRAZY… what does that mean? It proves you morons LOVE when Princess is vicious with you!!!!

BUT ONLY less than 10 of you actually submitted the forms… THATS NOT OKAY… soo Guess what I went and did??? - Yep Im going to get you while you’re weak and still fresh off the thrill of even LOOKING at that masterpiece you bought yesterday…


Now I have a hypnosis manipulation and brainwashing MP3 thats going to make you send me ALL of that info!!! you wont be able to resist! hahah how cruel, how diabolical… how EEvIl! ;)  *you’re welcome, wimp!*

Info Extraction Manipulation Brainwashing MP3

So you’ve purchased a diabolical and super deviant application form from me but you cant get quite weak or stupid enough to submit all that hot powerful information to me… Well get a load of THIS MP3 because if you think I was going to let you NOT surrender it all to me haha you were mistaken! ;)

This hypnosis or brainwashing mp3 is filled with hypnotic manipulations, trickery dialogue and pure devilish talent as I make your mind dumb, cock hard and implant your need to surrender to me! Watch how your mind is stolen and as I lead you down the road of mindless hypnotic manipulation, how you actually feel extra horny, excited WHILE the feeling of stupidity and mindlessness actually take over!

Then I lead you into a mindless dick jerking frenzie all while you’re mindlessly sending your info… Your info is mine now… this is JUST what you need to push you over the edge. If you buy this, you’re getting hypnotically manipulated & *I* Win! Fair warning is given!

Length: 8 minutes

Quality: Near Pro

Price: $9.99 

Fetishes: Hypnosis, brainwashing, manipulation, mental weakness, JOI, mind controlled physical feelings, total surrender, information surrender

… I bet you wanna call me and adore my powerful hot voice now, dont you! Do it! 1-800-863-5478 / ext: 0582442 Call Princess-Mindy for phone sex on Niteflirt.com



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Hi bitches… Im happy to report it looks like summer is finally here, though the nightly lightening, thunder/rain storms really puts a damper on my mood! hahah ok that was cheesy!

Anyway, guess what else is cheesy? This weirdo looking loser named Andrew who had the honour of being told off by me, tributing $300.00 and going on cam for me. Yeah well I can say Iv had another first, and it was a good one too! :lol: As freakozoid was on cam, I noticed the nerds arm was moving a little too much… so I asked him if he was jerking off, and of course he was… I made him stand up so I could inspect his wang, and yep as I suspected it was an ugly one… He kept looking behind him too which I thought was really odd… So I asked him wtf was up with that?! He said his wife was sleeping in bed behind him hahahahaha! So there he was LITERALLY jerking of, paying me, and serving me behind her back!

I told him to go jerk off by the bed, take a risk for the sake of my amusement… so he flick on the lamp and went and jerked off in front of the bed over her head… Heres a little snap I was able to get while watching this brave yet pathetic display. Click the pic to make it bigger.

jerk off andrewLooooozer!

Iv been contacted a few times the past few days from this in-the-closet faggot, and hes been asking me if I can brainwash him and help turn him into a total fag! Nautino finally called and though he was hard to understand as it sounded like he had a cack in his mouth, his was pretty amusing. Lets just say the bitch has been successfully brainwashed & hes gayer then gay… Hes a walking rainbow flag, and his new goal is to make out with some beef-cakes asshole! HAHAHA eeew! Well thats a fag for you! The priceless moment on this fag call was the 30 seconds of silence and then Nautino yells out “COCK” Omg I almost fell off my chair laughing! Well done on the $300.00 queer!

UK cock whore was so funny, he sent me a Yahoo message and says he has 5 minutes but hes got a woody and wants to be used real quick… I said “real quick” and he said yes pls because he doesnt have time… I told him to go send me $200.00 and Ill give him a quick cam session like hes NEVER had before. Let me tell you, that idiot had that $200.00 paid in record time. I turned my cam on, and as soon as he said he could see me, I stuck my tongue out at him and shut it back off! hahahahaha! So the bitch got about 4 seconds of cam, and was used!!!! He messages me and says “you shut that off that quick on purpose didnt you?” Yep I sure did bitch… You got just what you asked.. “used real quick” :lol: Then he says thnx and hes got to wack off and that, that was awesome! hahah omg you losers really do amuse me sometimes!

Heres some new clips4sale vids Iv uploaded. (as for my members area… something is wrong with the video script which is why I havent been able to upload anything. Theres a new version that came out last night so Im going to upgrade and hopefully that will fix the issues)

Human Ashtray bitch slave

open your mouths human ashtray bitches… because its time for my sexy ashes and smoke butt in your ashtray mouth. Watch me smoke, and reduce you verbally to nothing more then an object for my ashes… I look so damn sexy smoking and when I blow my smoke right in your face you will become instantly weak for me! THEN after you eat all my ashes, and choke on my 2nd hand smoke… I give you the most amazing reward a little ashtray slave could ever hope for… The mighty stamp approval right on your forehead! yep I put my smoke out right in between your beady nerd eyes! you’ll love that red hot cherry up close to the cam… you will be able to feel the burn that you deserve!!!

Divorce her for me!

home-wrecking hottie is at it again… taunting you in my short tight little dress, leaning over my desk telling you to give your wife her walking papers while you drool over my cleave.. what a cruel strategically plotted move of me haha! I flaunt around showing off my curves, tall perfect body, my irresistible being, while I remind you what a hag and boring sow your wife is. Hear me insult and humiliate her and tell you how amazing your life would be if you experienced a divorce planned by Me!
Wife Humiliation – Home-Wrecking – divorce fetish

you worthless stupid slave!

just a little humiliation and verbal abuse for the super lowly loser slaves who like being talked to with non-stop vulgarities by a brat with serious disdain for your very pathetic being. Hear me compare you to the LOWEST OF THE LOWEST things… Insult and belittle you in such an arrogant way that my jaw dropping tirade will make your idiot-dick throb… VERBAL ABUSE & HARSH HUMILIATION

Smell Smell Smell

Inside one of my ottomans at the foot of my bed is FILLED with panties, thongs, socks, nylons & tights… I open up this treasure chest which is packed full of amazing worn Mindy items that you will be sniffing & smelling until your pea-brain explodes! Watch me show you a large ottoman thats STUFFED FULL of under-garments that I have worn in photo shoots and clips and thrown back in the ottoman… then put my panties, socks, tights to your face for you to smell and inevitably become obsessed and hooked on me!
Get your snouts ready bitches… its time to get sniffing!

Depressing Humiliation JOI & cum eating

This is for the single fuck-face losers who cant even get a girlfriend… Im going to insult you and make fun of you for being so hard up and hurtin’ that you cant even get a girlfriend, much less land a hot girl like me!!!
I rub in your face how bad you want someone so your not alone, then make you jerk off while insulting yourself like a mantra, over and over… with each pump of your pecker I make you say things that will leave you ashamed and feeling like a useless depressed fuck when you’re done!!! – Oh but it dosnt end there… watch how I make you eat your cum when you’re done spanking your pickle!!!!
jerk off instructions & cum eating!

These will be in my members area today if the updated video script works after the upgrade… if not they will be in there in about 3 days, as I will just buy a new script for videos.

I think I want a whole new script for my members area… The script I want is about $600.00 So Ill leave these tribute buttons here for you slaves… Pay up for the script! Or just pay to pay haha!

Bye bye bitches!

NiteFlirt Tributes

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Wife Humiliation

24 March, 2010

Speaking of wife and gf humiliation… looks like I started yet another sexy trend… Semi ego stroke, semi annoying… None the less I have a very delicious video of me telling off my slave robbie’s ex gf who is a psycho jealous twat who doesnt get the hint that the loser doesnt want her any more…

Now why would I care? Well this hag is interfering with my piggies time which means she is effecting my financial diddeling on my moron… Ha – okay Ill admit it, plus it was an opportunity for me to be a scandalous little brat and I couldnt pass up the opportunity to help dick head be 100% free and single!

The video is super bad ass, and mean… Ill be editing the video tonight or tomorrow… so it should be up for you lame dick heads to drool over in a day or two…

And as for dick stain robbie… if that douche bag still comes around and wants YOU (barf) after what I did, shes really fucked in her head! But for another $400.00 I wont have any problems making another call to her hahaha!

Stay tuned dumb dumbs… The vid will be released in a day or two!

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