Skimming Off The Top 4 Princess

by Princess Mindy

By Princess Mindy

This amazing findom piece of manipulation and findom brainwashing written lines of your future financial abuse is going to be your most favourite PTV purchased yet!

Iv included a quick bratty audio MP3 file for you to listen to after I tell you how to skim from your bills and pay cheques to spend more on me… YES, I even tell you ways to reduce, reuse and cut down, all just for my profits!!! Just wait till you see how you’ll be living and spending…

Then I use my beauty against you with hot pictures and more text which just makes you stupid… leaving you ways to spend and telling you how to do it…

Youre going to be my life long addicted spender boy in no time! Buy this, read it, look at adore and listen… then watch your dollars magically turn into Mine! ;x


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Source: Niteflirt Slave Assignments