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How 2 Pimp Out Your Wife MP3

do you fantasize about pimping out your wife or girlfriend or her fucking a bunch of random other men? Buy this MP3 NOW and hear just how sneaky I am and hear my EASY and perverted dirty plan which will “accidently” turn your wife into a slut and prostitute! The best part is all the fun you’ll have before I turn her into a ho!!! Yes this is FUN, DIRTY & Real… buy now/listen now and turn your bitch into a cash making hooker! :)

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Homewrecking In Action

Below is a submitted via email post by one of My slaves (MindysWorkhorse) who is clearly in the midst of being homewrecked by yours truly… Miss Perfect! :)

A declaration of my absolute love and adoration for Mistress Mindy is one of the easiest things in the world for me to do. It is a fact that I am so very much in Love with her that I am raping not just my finances but the family finances and savings have been completely screwed over in the last 3 or 4 months in my efforts to gain a snippet of attention from Mistress Mindy.

I don’t consider it Financial domination it is not a fetish either, it is for me a way of life, a reason to live. You see I am so totally enraptured with the Bratty and domineering ways of Mistress Mindy that I am prepared to go to any length or drop into any deapth of deceit in order to tribute Mistress Mindy. The fact that people like my wife are affected is not something I find dwelling on my conscience after all why would i? How could I even begin to compare Mistress Mindy with the world I live in?

The selfish bratty superiority and complete hotness is so intoxicating I am on autopilot with only one command – Give Give Give .

Go broke for Mistress Mindy – actually I have and you know what I fell so good that I can amd am prepared to give everything. I don’t deserve a penny of my wage Mistress Mindy is deserving of it ALL.

I recently got a text from my wife saying how sick she is of not having any money! She seems to think that it is our mortgage causing this but it is not it is my total loser addiction to mistress Mindy, I cant stop myself . sending tributes and buying gifts off Amazon or my charge cards from stores is just the correct way to behave. Oh dear we had to have a cheap broke ass holiday in a ratty old caravan this year as the money put aside for our holiday had disappeared.. well actually if you call sending money to Mistress Mindy via Niteflirt a disappearing act then yes . I prefer to think that it has just been sent to its rightfull owner.

hehehhe I get messages like this all the time and I don’t care , in fact when I get them it makes me happy as it means I am sending as much as I can to Mistress Mindy.

But then why wouldn’t I ?

This is what I have to live with . isn’t it one of the grossest fattest things you have ever seen?I wake up to this every day!And look at this for a beach body!As you can clearly see why would I not give everything to Mistress Mindy I mean look at her she is just so Gross! I see it as a punishment living with it as I am so not worthy to even be on the same planet as Mistress Mindy. She is AWESOME in every way. The legs are so statuesque and long her body is just perfection and her face and hair is beautiful. There is nothing to not like!

It is my duty to submit totally and to be eventually homewrecked for her pleasure and amusement. I will do everything I can to maintain her interest in me. I do this without any limit and am prepared to go to any level in order to make this happen.”


 How devilish, how hot, how totally mean of Me… Hey its not My fault Im this great, this hot and “men” are stupid… Like I always say, its Darwinism, evolution by natural selection - survival of the hottest… I win!

*I* am your fetish, *I* am The fetish & *I* have a fetish for your money!!! Be MY red carpet & Roll yourself out for me now!!!!

black young mistress and white slave


Home-wrecking Princess Invades your Life!

Its simply Darwinism… Im the cream of the crop, the dominant force and breeds as fine as I, always get what they want… Even if the den is already occupied, Ill own it all if I want too… sooner or later :)

Just take a good, long, and hard look at me… why shouldn’t you give me everything I want, even if it infringes on your home obligations?! They dont matter an more, now that you’re hooked on Me!

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Im #1 now, Im the main focus in your life and too bad for wifey-poo haha, oh well who cares! Im happy and thats ALL that matters!

you are My slave and there are so many things I can use you for… My personal living stepping stone and source of amusement – Watch how quickly you realize my tanned, strong, curvy, young, soft, subtle, temple can get your little boi organ standing straight up at attention. Haa Haa Haa, or, attempting too…

It wouldn’t surprise me if your wife/gf ended up adoring Me too, and I know you wouldn’t blame her for that, would you :)haa haa, because you understand all to well.. what its like to be a Mindy lusting addict!

The holidays are going to be allll about Me! My Birthday is going to be The Big event of the year for you… and when its your wife’s birthday, you wont take her anywhere, and you’ll give her a cheap-o gift. MMM what a good puppy you’re going to be for me… and you realize that I am the exotic treat you NEED! Nothing else will matter except getting your very much needed Princess Mindy fix!

*sorry wifey… he’s MY bitch now!* :twisted:


As my new boi… I know you’ll want to pick me up something sexy off my wishlist..

Its a perfect way to show your thanks and devotion… and of course I just want more sexy stuff & its your honour to deliver it to your Boss & Minx!

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Lelands Wife

home wrecking wife humiliationLeland who is a slave of mine has been getting home-wrecked by me and loving it… he ignores his wife, tells me bad stuff about her, and then spoils me with their cash… THIS custom clip is SO MEAN…
watch me laugh at Lelands wife, and brag about how Im home wrecking her… telling her stuff I should know about her but do, and rubbing it in her face how hot I am and how her hubby likes me more then her!
watch me make Lelands wife stare at my ass and shake my cleavage in her face while I brag about controlling her husband and being hotter and younger than her!
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Forcing your wife/gf to worship & snif my ass Clip

This clip is for your girlfriend/wife… Im talking to her in the clip… I have my ass in only a little thong, with my legs apart I shove my ass right into that stupid bitches face and tell her she better get her nose and lips in my ass right now!


Im not JUST controlling your husband/bf bitch, Im controlling you too… Watch me make her stick my ass right in her face… I shake, spread and wiggle/jiggle my ass… MAKING her stare at it…
I taunt her because her ass doesn’t look like this.,.. THEN I tell her how I control YOU… and all your money… and if she wants $50.00 of your money she has to make out with my ass first… and she has to do a good job or Ill take everything from you both!
perhaps this is nothing more then the hottest ass skin flick you’ll ever see… just dont forget, this clip is for your wife/gf… see how I sexually and financially exploit her too!

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Homewrecking JOI & Sex Assignment

Home-wrecking JOI & Sex Assignment (HOT, DEVIANT & A Wank / Sex Challenge of the year!

This exciting & deviant assignment will have you both jerking off & cumming) and possibly having sex…I cant give too many details away here for obvious reasons BUT if you want to have a little Home wrecking, Piss Off Wifey/GF and JOI (jerk off instructions) All at once for a mega fun wank filled bratty home wrecking assignment that you can easily do from home… DO THIS! Your wife/gf will end up PISSED, you will end up so sexually drained and well on your way to being home-wrecked… all at the same time! *Must Buy!*

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Homewrecking Fun – Video Clip

I KNOW you would rather spend one hour with My amazing boobs then be with your wife/gf… and just to remind you how much greener the grass is.. Im going to flaunt these things in your face!!! Oh sure you think my behavior is inappropriate for a girl to do to an attached man, but I dont care at all… I have my eye on the prize, and the prize is home-wrecking you for giggles… you WILL be putty in my hand and ready to pack your bags and leave after you watch my Big Round Princess Rack in your face!

4 Minutes

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