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Femdom bratty financial domination biracial/ebony goddess worship & loser slave humiliation


Greedy, Bratty Bo$$ Princess : Bow Down slaves!

Become a Mindyfied addict & royally used and abused slave bitch!

What do *I* want from a disposable slave like you?

  • your cash
  • your never ending servitude
  • total obedience (like a good puppy dog!)
What can you expect from Me?
  • to be the Bo$$ of you
  • to own you
  • take all your sexy cash
  • taunt, tease and manipulate you
  • abuse you for my shits n giggles
  • u$e when *I* want and how *I* want! ;)

How to serve Me, worship My hotness & become used/abused!

Firstly you’ve got to know Im a greedy, bossy man abusing Princess who uses and abuses men and their wallets for My own personal entertainment and profit! You are here to worship and serve me with the understanding that Its All About Me… you’re just my pet, puppet, slave, ATM machine, piece of ass wipe, door mat, chauffeur, and whatever else I decide you shall be or transform you into…

Either by manipulation, abuse, brainwashing or simply exuding my sexiness and power over you… I ALWAYS get what I want & you will do things My way – you’ll see! ;)

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100s of unique slave assignment for discreet training, instant humiliation & experimenting

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Sissy Homewrecker VM

By Princess Mindy

Homewrecking $$ Control

This is a realistic voice-mail style mp3 you should leave on your home voice mail/answering machine for your wife/gf to find and listen to… Its devilishly genius… It starts out sounding like you had an affair – A cute and sexy voice, eluding to something sexual. She will be PISSED in the first part of this voice mail… she will be so hurt as Im obviously a sexy young Minx! My voice sure sounds like someone she should be jealous of. The things I say will make her want to cry with jealously… BUT THEN, near he end of the voice mail, it takes a turn in another direction that will leave your wifey/gf totally MIND FUCKED!!!!

What she thinks is a HUGE mistake on your part in having another hot woman, leaving a “I had a good time message on the wrong number// turns into some sick and perverted mind fuck that will leave her baffled as to what kind of weird pug you might be?!?! Mind fuck your wife/gf now with a hilarious, bratty homewrecking voice mail that just might cause a massive blowout in your relationship!

Buy this NOW & let it play on your home voice mail!

$5 /

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Spoiled Princess lets spendy wallet slaves pay & get abused

By Princess Mindy


Hey bitches…

hmm so, good boys and bad boys in Mindy land… Shall I say, lots of good boys in Mindy land and wannabe slaves TRYING to penetrate Mindy land but, they just get the block/ignore button! yay to Markie & uk cock whore, as usual… My sexy spiffy Macbook Pro 15.4″ laptop is in and I love it! Plus Markie spent another 3-4 thousand in gifts and tributes this week which includes an incredibly sexy pair of Sergio Rossi over the knee black sued boots. What a great deal too as they were only $839 on sale! #spoiled!

Of course thats not all… theres also more True Religion jeans, cosabella panties and soft bra, more table fashions for my sexy and expensive table and more clothes… Little uk cock whore must be going through a new phase because now hes all about my precious pot of gold… He loves to adore my worn panties and loves to get on his knees and smell them! I think Iv turned this ball sniffing homo boy STRAIGHT!!!! Or, has he just fallen deeper in love with me? I mean, we usually discuss him sucking cock, getting pimped out or he wants to suck off one of my slaves… but now hes just into Me and my pretty gold mine – ha! well puppy, thats going to be a chase and a half… #nevergoingtogetit


So, while laying on my bed, playing with my new macbook pro from Markie and installing fun apps, I had got a phone call on SinfulCall from this little wimpy bitch with a thing for My pretty feet. He was so into the idea of me wiping my feet  on his face and making him my dirty lowly doormat haha. He was quick to flatter me and you know, I do love to have my pretty bum ki$$ed! Thre were several calls, a tribute and content purchased… He says he wants to kick it up a notch financially… we shall see! ;)

In fact, Iv been having lots of fun with my puppies the past week or so… lots of good boys around right now… a few classless pigs too but hey, I dont let them bother me… Im quick on the block button haha! Like, literally, NO attention… I love Block/Ignore features…

A couple of my groupies have been into partying hard and thats cool because, I love to have a good time! One of my new fav things to drink is this really awesome gluten free Irish pub style apple cider – omg its so yummy! So, Iv been cracking open one and having a little sessh with my bitches! Usually I make them go HARD while I sip and enjoy haha but, thats how it should be right!? ;)

Reminds me I need to get my …read more
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Cum Eating Kisses

By Princess Mindy

Cum Eating Kisses 4 Wifey

You’re going to follow my instructions in this clip, which include you jacking that dick off and cumming in your mouth… Then I send you off to your wifey/gf
Fucked up and perverted homewrecking is on the menu today…
wanna jack off and cum? Eat it AND cause a little trouble in the relationship too? Watch this clip NOW! 6 mins long


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Content Buyer Blackmail

By Princess Mindy

Usually, when I do blackmail, its for big tributes and lots of them… nothing wrong with that, but perhaps Im leaving a big portion of slaves out in the dust?!?! I dont care to deal with poor slaves because they are so attached to even little amounts of money so they become very hard to deal with as they try to get all the extras for the very least, and often get bad attitude and very rude when they can’t squeeze extras for small amounts of money (not fun/buzz kill). So, this is for the average bitch, the bitch who can afford another “payment” each month… maybe not thousands and thousands but definitely hundreds!

The details are hot, exciting and easy to do… this is still REAL Blackmail… You will have to spend but in a more creative and interesting way that keeps you in slave land all week long! #Fun This has REAL punishments if you disobey, BUT its a much lighter on the wallet… Its not a cake walk because if you step out of line, those balls are MINE – Buy now and get the full details and become my little goody/content buying slave… You have deadline, forced edging and wanking to do and rules to obey… you will have to line my pockets with a MUCH SMALLER amount than usual but youre also locked in, in a way that makes it easy and fun for Me!!!

Like blackmail? Try this style of blackmail out and watch how much you love being licked into being my micro spender bitch!

Fetishes: REAL BLACKMAIL, Weekly check-ins, Cum Restrictions, Edging, JOI


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Get Drunk 4 My Tits

By Princess Mindy

Grab a couple of beers and some kleenex for your cock & watch this clip… WARNING: you may end up smashed & drunk after you wank & drink to this clip!!!
I make you drink and bratty crazy speeds… squeezing & playing with my massive round real cleavage… bouncing & jiggling my tits right in your face… you wont be able to do anything but obey my drinking commands!
Like big boobs, booze & jacking off? Then you need to buy this clip RIGHT NOW and kiss your sobriety goodbye!!! I stick the bottle in-between my cleavage and poor the beer in your mouth… ordering you to drink drink and chug chug chug.,.. Its a party in my bra and youre finally invited! Pay up, drink up!

10 mins / 11.99 /

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worthless ass sniffer slave

By Princess Mindy

theres not much youre good for, but I bet you’d make a good ass sniffer…
Looking all cute in my Ford Mustang top pulled tight, blue panties and knee high socks, I explain how little worth out side tributing you have an decide to make you amuse me by smelling my ass…
youre going to get HOOKED on my ass and the smell of my ass… panties, ass and more ass in your face, while youre lightly humiliated, laughed at and assaulted with my ass!
Fetishes: ass smelling, ass worship, humiliation, bratty, panty sniffing, bossy Princess, long hair, cute bitch, ass jiggling, pov

9 minutes / $9.99 /

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Blackmail by JS Socks

By Princess Mindy

Blackmail by My Jessica Simpson Knee High Socks

youre a weak little sock addict… and I know you cant resist my dirty Jessica Simpson knee high socks…
Im using my socks against you, making you smell them, while in my cute lil baby voice encourage and guide you through sending me all your info for REAL blackmail!
Watch my socks & obey my words = you will get blackmailed! (12 minutes)


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Leggy School Goddess

By Princess Mindy

adore my bratty leggy goddess pro photoshoot with a sort of school Goddess feel… Long legs, big boobs, hot socks and heels (30 hi-res large photos)

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Spandex Princesses

By Princess Mindy

MMM Sexy 2 Princesses in spandex! Myself in American Apparel high quality green spandex and my gf Susie in a super cute pair of shiny black spandex! (24 pics)

11 professional high quality large photos

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