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Hello submissive boy toys, This is my brat Princess blog/diary where you can read on all the devilish, hot & scandalous things I do to my slaves. Everything in here is real, like Me - so enjoy my bratty spoiled ways - and remember... it could happen to you too!

Pathetic Slaves

1 March, 2009

Hello my little losers… The count down to My Birthday Official Begins!!! Umm FattySlave – Today is the day puppy… better get your ass to Yahoo!

Well, I say it every so often but I have to say it again. Just when I think Iv seen/heard it all, some idiot loser comes along and proves me wrong :lol: His name would be “stuff my holes” formerly known as “I really suck” anyway dumb dumb starts his calls to me a few days ago telling me he likes to go perform at this stripper studio where usually the girls dance in private rooms for men – however this dildo has been going and putting on shows for the girls. Anyway “stuff my holes” calls me on his cell a couple days ago and says hes depressed and when hes depressed he likes to binge on fatty foods. He told me he had already been to mc donalds twice that day and was on his way back there. I thought he was full of shit and lying trying to sound extra stupid for my amusement, but then I heard the Mc donalds guy in the drive through. OMFG I started to laugh my pretty ass off… He said “Princess can you tell me what to order?” Well I had this pig order 3 big macs, 2 large french fries, 20 chicken nuggets, extra salt and a super sized pop. :lol:

So did he eat it all? You bet your 2cent ass he ate it all. He barely did. sick little piggy!

Anonymous Loser seems hes a bit depressed too with his talks of How Can I Change Princess? Uhh ya cant! I thought Id be nice to this depressed little idiot so I let him pay me! He had the privlege of sending me $400, listening to me tell him hes pretty much hopeless and let him know Hey I really dont give a fuck of your problems dick hole┬áhahaha! Iv allowed him to pay me a couple times this week… it seems its the only time hes ever happy!

Oh before I forget Iv added some new movies to my members area Click The Videos for more info on them!

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