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Hello submissive boy toys, This is my brat Princess blog/diary where you can read on all the devilish, hot & scandalous things I do to my slaves. Everything in here is real, like Me - so enjoy my bratty spoiled ways - and remember... it could happen to you too!


30 September, 2016

Bitch Worship

Im such a huge bratty bitch in this clip… with all my cute and intriguing sparkly girl graphics. They help transport you to Bitch land… where you’re nothing more than an object for me to use and Im never ever nice too you

uhh hurry up and cum already loser… fuck, youre so boring and pathetic… hurry up, jack harder and cum. Like majour bitches who dont even seduce you just rip your balls off and giggle? You’ll love this clip!

3 minutes long / $5.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com


Greedy As Fuck

Danny got his wallet spanked for $4500 last Friday and this clip is me telling nthe story of how I got it from him and how easy it was haha He called me on NF to ask how he can reduce his membership fees from $200 a month to $100 a month… the next thing you knew he was agreeing to paying $200 a month or life and then had $4500 taken from him haha part way through I got a NF call and its PATHETIC… You get my awesome greedy story plus to hear me insult some old loser just wait until you hear how evil I am when I brag about how pissed off I made Dannys wife haha enjoy losers!

10 minutes long / $10.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com


Kiss My Pumps, bitch

I look so smoking hot with my long bratty legs kicked up on the table while having my pumps in your face… and while you’re there, why dont you kiss and lick my pumps!
I make you kiss every stud on my pumps and lick them totally clean too… I mostly ignore you but every now & then I laugh at you and tell you what to do or humiliate you a little.
After I tell you if you’ve done a good job or not, in total bratty bitch mode, I tell you to fuck off and go spend haha… this clip is HOT!

5 minutes / $8 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com

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No Way Out Blow Jobs

This is cock suckers blackmail for dick loving men – its not quite blackmail but basically you are being locked into dick sucking with No Way Out!

Money only comes into play if you dont meet my the blow job requirements… if you dont suck dicks and prove youre getting cock in your mouth then yes you will be punished and made to get on your knees and get cock in that dick holster on your face. Dick Holster = your mouth! Yep, I know your worth and its all about being on your knees like a good cum guzzling queer for your Princess Mindy

Theres no way out of these blow jobs… after you buy this and follow my orders, you WILL be instantly turned into a dick sucking machine and you wont even believe how fast you;re turned into a blow job bitch… get ready to have a new life as a dick sucking blow job slave. suck suck suck! *this is interactive & we will be in contact throughout the duration of your coerced blow jobs*

$75 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com


Vibrator In Your Ass

you little ass slut, you cant resist my cute outfit, my pig tails, my cleavage or my YSL sandals… you’ll do anything I command you to do, even if it means fucking your own ass!! bring your vibrator and your lube, slaves so you can stick it in your ass as I command.

6 minutes / $8.99 / 


Puny Pathetic Cock

totally rude and humiliating bitch who demeans, degrades, ridicules and mocks you for having a worthless small pathetic cock tease you??? hahahah Yeah Right, loser… more like make you feel like a loser while I stomp your worthless tiny dick and make you feel soooo pathetic hahahaha #MeanCockHumiliation

5 minutes long / $7.99 / 

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homewrecker goddess princesshey slaves… Im soo excited to tell you guys that my members area is finally back!

Its fully functional and going and after about 5 months of trying to make it happen, its up! http://maleslaveclub.com/

You may remember it used to be on mistressmindy.com but that domain was filled with too many violations and I just couldnt get billing approved over there. So, I used a domain which had no content on it and that got me approved.

I also have some pretty entertaining new blog posts you will want to read http://www.mindymadison.com/blog

 Join my members are now… make sure you join with a sexy option too!!! join2

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coerced Homewrecking Wanking

you better keep jacking off to my clip or Ill tell your wife/gf what a pervert you’ve been behind her back… haha yep, thats right, now that Im used to your entertainment and cash coming in, Im not letting you stop!!!You can start jerking off right now and dont bother stopping… ever! I make you a deal, all you have to do i jack off and agree to the homewrecking masturbation and spending terms I give you in the clip & I wont tell your wife/gf what a little pervert you are behind her back… you dont want me to hurt her by telling her all about your dirty cheating ways do you? haha you better pull out that dick and follow my JOI orders in this clip then. Now!

6 minutes / $8.99 / Buy from Princess-Mindy through Niteflirt.com /

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How 2 get blackmailed

10 April, 2015

Hi slaves! www.MindyMadison.com

Iv been getting some annoying behaviour with slaves who may want to be blackmailed so I wrote the following tips below to help and answer questions.

- What happens in blackmail?

This is asked lots and I never answer this question because I think that if you really want to know – pay and find out! Answering that question = $0 *Basically, I control your balls and you turn into my bitch*

- How To Start?

Buy a couple of blackmail applications and send me your info!  http://www.mistressmindy.net/category/blackmail-mistress-slave (you will hear back from me pretty quickly if your application was complete!)

Or, tribute and contact Me to have me get the info from you in my greedy Princess ways ;)


- Do I offer A Buyout?

Yes, of course! No set amount.

- Why I Haven’t Replied To your Application?

It was probably incomplete or you didn’t qualify! Rebuy it and try again!

- I don’t want to be blackmailed so I’m scared to serve you

Don’t think so highly of yourself… you have to send me a consent email before I would consider blackmailing someone. I don’t just blackmail random people – Look how hot I am, I dont need to! #menFallingOverMe #Spoiled #Perfect #Adored

- Can We Set A Time Limit?

Sure… Slaves often want to customize certain areas and its usually fine. You just have to tribute for the discussions of the details and then we can start

- Can I Blackmail you For Anything Other Than Money?

lol as if!

- The Right Attitude

having a challenging personality or behaviour will probably result in you spending much more to make up for aggravating me! You are here to be used by me and controlled by me, not cause Me grief! So, always put my demands and happiness first – you cant go wrong doing that! :)

/The End

I usually wont even acknowledge questions that come from losers who haven’t tributed, spent on lots of clips or PTVs or bought a couple of blackmail applications… If you cant even spend $20 – $50 to look at an application then you are probably not serious anyway and only want to get me to chat with you for free! Yuck! #Ignore >< Show your interest and genuine by spending when asking questions!

Mistress Mindy Blackmail


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10 hour intox Fuck Over

16 February, 2015

Hi slaves… lots of new clips & assignments to check out! get busy, get on your knees and get serving Me NOW!

http://clips4sale.com/912 / http://www.mindymadison.com/

10 hour intox Fuck Over

Welcome to your 10 hour intox fuck over that will leave you highly intoxicated on more than just booze (have hard liquor & another intox option ready)! You will have 10 hours of instructions for each hour that will include worship, mind fuck, humiliation and TOTALLY LUSH MODE BINGING!!!

Plus, Iv included one intox mind fuck loop which you will listen to which will cause an uncontrollable urge to obey and last the 10 whole hours of getting wasted and intoxicated! There will be fun, moments of memory lapses, humiliation, pleasure, stupidity and LOTS of boozing it up for Princess…

Life is boring with out Me… so buy this, do it and get fucked up on a 10 hour very doable booze bender!

$17.50 / 10 hours of details, plus an audio loop / 

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Plant your seeds & magically lose control

this intense transfer of energy and powerful assignment is a scientific, magical and VERY real task which cannot be undone!!!!

I use the power of science, the magic of my commands, your horny cock and weak mind against you in a dick jacking ritual which is not only intense, highly pleasurable, NEVER DONE BEFORE, unique and slightly perverse… but it will leave you feeling physically weak and totally controlled by ME!

As your Goddess I demand a toll from you now and then to earn your place on my beautiful planet… This time I want your energy, control and your manhood and I give you detailed commands on how to send it to me through your cock… BUT THATS NOT ALL!!!

How I make you cum and what I make you fuck is the craziest and most interesting thing you’ll ever fuck in the name of being a slave!

have fun and get ready to me mind fucked, controlled, have a magical cum and lots of cock play/edging until the final stroke and cum!

Warning: this is fun but highly real and powerful! get owned and controlled through your cock, now!


Fetishes: detailed repeated edging, JOI, Science/Magic Control, Physical Reaction, Loss of control, Power transfer, Goddess worship

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Spend It All On Me

20 March, 2014

Hi slaves…

heres a new hypno cool kinda mind fuck findom MP3 Iv added on youtube…

New blog posts too btw http://www.mindymadison.com

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Hi slaves! Iv added new pics on my listings.. heres a few! drool, spend call get used!

NiteFlirt Tributes

$999 | $800 | $600 | $400 | $200 | $100 | $50 | $25

  ::: My US Amazon.COM Wish list :::

::: My Canadian Wishlist From Amazon.CA :::

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My Clips http://clips4sale.com/store/912http://www.mindymadison.com/

Sexy Bombshell Princess in a tight silver glitter/sequence dress and matching silver glitter Jessica Simpson pumps…I give you 3 HOT & Deviant little new years resolutions that are sure to have you entrapped and hooked deeper and deeper as the year goes on!
I look so sexy and conniving, tasty yet diabolical as I playfully order life changing and bratty rules for your life…
If you love tanned, strong long curvy legs then you will LOVE this clip… I show off my long legs, shove my heels in your face… in POV you gaze up my legs and onto my exotic beautiful face…
Im snotty, bratty, playful, deviant and slightly arrogant… very lightly humiliating you while I explain just how my sexy crafty resolutions for you are so clever!
My outfit is so sexy to you and it actually shimmers and reflects off the wall giving an almost magical New Years Vibe!
Happy New Years, slaves… enjoy the amazing new year we will build on your back! xoxo
8 Minutes Long/HD

Buy Now

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hi losers! http://www.mindymadison.com/

so Im sure you notice how the site has totally changed… I love this new theme… its so pretty, clean and it actually displays everything the way I want!  I also have this theme installed on other websites so I was able to have this up and done in a few hours! woohoo! Im also trying to get my members area finished asap because right now I have quite a few members and I dot know how theyre really finding my links? I took them off of most places lol Anyway, its lite a fire under my sexy ass to finish it because it was a fun little cash cow.

As for when it will be Done, Done… who knows, Im running on Mindy time :) None the less, theres still LOTS of assignments, mp3′s and slave application forms in there to make it worth the $75 – $125 join! Theres still about 20 clips but if you join, you will continue to see more content! Join Now!

Iv also been preoccupied with my dental saga… After getting veneers on the top, which by the way is not a quick little process as they tell you at first, you have to also get them on your bottom too! Well, Im not going through that for my bottom teeth, so Im going to straighten my bottom teeth with invisalign rather going through that again!

Haha I was actually considering getting the old school metal braces because I thought I could profit off them haha, but then I came to my senses and decided to get invisalign which is invisible braces!

Im not sure which of you is going to be sucking dick for the rest of your life to pay me back but, one of you are going to be sucking cock for the rest of your life to pay your Princess back! I suggest you get fuckin an suckin now!

So, Iv found myself making allot of creatively sick slave assignments again haha the kind I Used To make… heres some feed back from them ;)

“Oh my god Princess.  How do you even think of things like this assignment?  Wow.” ~averylane

“Got hard just reading this assignment…Gonna enjoy doing this too ;) ” ~submissiveforyoung

“holy shit that is out of this world GODDESS and i cant wait to do it” ~ uk cock whore

Heres the assignments you idiots need to buy! You need a NiteFlirt account to purchase my stuff here - Join Now!

10 ways to go fuck yourself 2

Loser Make-out Points Ill give you fair warning, this private & public assignment should only be done if you’re a total idiot. In fact, maybe even then, it shouldn’t be done because not only is this highly degrading, but some parts are outright humiliating and will make you a bigger idiot than you are… and a huge perv too!

With that said, this is a fun and challenging pervert assignment which is pretty simple with simple instructions and maximum loser effect! Simple as in, all you need is your dick, a bit of balls and lots of stupidity… the stupidity and dick you have… so do you think you’re up to mustering up the balls to try and do all 10 of these different ways you can go fuck yourself?

Some are fun & risky, some dumb & disgusting, some exciting and some even down right loser-ish… Take part in an entertaining loser assignment and sacrifice your weenie and possibly much more all for your servitude to Me!

Fucking yourself in MANY ways… literally, your mind and if you get caught, well you could get fucked over! :)

To add to the craziness, you also have the chance for this to become interactive with me and be exposed with all your perversions on my blog!!!

Fetishes: degrading jerk off, public jerking, public bathroom play, ass invasion, degrading eating, ass play, findom, humiliating staining and messy pervert play, humiliation, cum instructions, ice play and more!



Katoptronophilia Gay Cum Lick

Katoptronophilia Humiliation

This assignment is going to make eating your own disgusting cum a whole new experience… usually you lick it off the floor like a loser, BUT this time your cum licking/eating experience will be enhanced and magnified!

You’ll be made you to jack off to your own reflection with other gay dirty details and specific jack off homo instructions… Then when its time to cum, you will have details on how to do that as well – THEN comes time for you to get on your knees and eat your cum in a way you NEVER have before… This may be more difficult for you to clean up your cum, or maybe it will turn you right back on… I think you may even experience humiliation and more, JUSt from the new way you will be eating your cum and what you will be watching while doing it!

Like eating your own cum like a gross loser after you jack off? – Well try this assignment and choke back these dirty details! Have fun jiz boy!
This is gay cum licking and homo jack off instructions that you have never done or seen before! Experience JOI, CEI, gay jacking off in a new uber gay way… watch how gay you become AND feel after this homo cum licker assignment!



Katoptronophilia Humiliation


If you like humiliation, JOI, masturbating and new experiences then you will love this unique masturbation humiliation assignment!

Obviously you will be jerking off during this assignment but Iv made it extra intense and added a new element to help make you feel like the perverted freak hat you are! I love to humiliate you and make you more stupid than you already are… that way you think less and spend much more! This strange and maybe challenging beat off assignment will have you masturbating and cumming while obeying the oddest, deviant and humiliating demand!

Treat yourself to My deviant logic of this assignment with twisted writings depicting and leading you down a pleasurable dick jacking downward spiral to the kinkiest idiot threads of My wicked web…. My mind, the assignment and ability to convey my diabolical demotions of your-self, through mindless and stimulating idiocies through a new fetish you WILL fall for, are all reasons to buy and treasure…

a visual aide of the kind which will at the same time bring pleasure, feelings of humiliation, idiocy and ultimately lead to you being addicted to wacking to this new fetish… feels good, feels stupid and commands you to become more hooked and addicted!

I allow you to cum and when you cum THIS way, you will SEE and feel it like you never have before!

By the time you’re done this assignment, you’re going to see just how big of a pervert idiot you really are! ;)



Puppy Potty Training

you are a dog, not a man… and you need a little puppy potty training so you quit using the toilet, which is for real men… not dogs like you!

This 24 hour assignment is pretty simple, its got about half a page of details that will have you getting some much needed puppy pee training! If you were a real man you might think this is gross, disgusting, humiliating and even degrading… but youre not, youre a little lost puppy slave who needs slave puppy potty training!

Have fun fuu fuu!




Theres other new stuff you will want to buy as well http://www.mistressmindy.net/

On my tribute page you will also find new tribute links with amounts as low as $5… This is for the slaves on twitter who like to pay me back for my delivery, coffee, etc and SHOULD NOT even be looked at as a tribute for time etc… So no one get the wrong idea, no you dont get my awesome world for less… rather, Iv made it easier for you guys to pay for more, such as the small things… You’re welcome! $)

bye bitches! ;)


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Katoptronophilia Humiliation Assignment http://www.mistressmindy.net/katoptronophilia-humiliation-task

If you like humiliation, JOI, masturbating and new experiences then you will love this unique masturbation humiliation assignment!

Obviously you will be jerking off during this assignment but Iv made it extra intense and added a new element to help make you feel like the perverted freak hat you are! I love to humiliate you and make you more stupid than you already are… that way you think less and spend much more! This strange and maybe challenging beat off assignment will have you masturbating and cumming while obeying the oddest, deviant and humiliating demand!

Treat yourself to My deviant logic of this assignment with twisted writings depicting and leading you down a pleasurable dick jacking downward spiral to the kinkiest idiot threads of My wicked web…. My mind, the assignment and ability to convey my diabolical demotions of your-self, through mindless and stimulating idiocies through a new fetish you WILL fall for, are all reasons to buy and treasure…

a visual aide of the kind which will at the same time bring pleasure, feelings of humiliation, idiocy and ultimately lead to you being addicted to wacking to this new fetish… feels good, feels stupid and commands you to become more hooked and addicted!

I allow you to cum and when you cum THIS way, you will SEE and feel it like you never have before!

By the time you’re done this assignment, you’re going to see just how big of a pervert idiot you really are! ;)



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hey slaves!

These clips can also all be purchased on clips4sale http://clips4sale.com/912 (Iv FINALLY moved and got settled… Im currently ripping my members area apart and rebuilding it with hotter content and a more exciting look! STay tuned because cam will be live from there!

Boobie Homewrecking 4 Wifey/gf clip

This big boobie gift is for your wife… let her accidentally find it!
I SHOVE MY BIG sexy tits in the camera, right in HER face… and demand she looks at them… while I giggle and shake my Princess rak right in her face and laugh as I tell her how much YOU(her man) LOVES my hot tits… I let her know she should be jealous and then I even make fun of her ugly little tits – HAHAHAHA “ he’s lying when he says he loves your tiny bee stings – he loves THESES!
showing off and looking sooo cute, Im being such an evil wicked little brat while I flaunt my uber stacked rack!!!
THEN I proposition your wife/gf too – I offer her the chance to submit to me too, for the low low cost of ALL of her pay cheque she can be my bitch too! Im so damn rude… telling your wife/gf how I bet she wants to suck on my sweet nipples hahaha OMG shes going to be so jealous!!!

6 Minutes / HD / 1280×720



This throw back Mindy clip features me in cute pig tails, knee-high socks and such a cute wittle bratty voice e while I tell you I want EVERYTHING from you – other girls want some but I want to send you to poverty land and leave you broke in a cardboard box!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hear how I want to soak you for all youre worth and in my cute voice and pig tails swinging “who cares if I want to fuck you right over… I mean, look how cute I am… how dangerous could a girl who looked THIS cute be?!?!”
TOTAL MANIPULATION and DESTRUCTION behind cute girly behaviour – Im a ruthless devil and we all know it… but watch me play on the cute factor and talk like fucking your wallet up and leaving you bankrupt is “omgosh, its okay, its not a big deal… right?! giggle”

7 Minutes / HD / 1280×720



Enchanting Mindy Mind Control

sexy Princess in European nylons, sexy heels and a hot expensive top mind controls you with soft spoken dialogue and plenty of sweet enchanting finger snaps!
TOTAL mind control through my magical enchanting and movements and perfect speech!

7 Minutes / HD / 1280×720



Strapon Cock Sucking Auditions

Before I can pimp you out or profit in anyway off you I have to stick my cock in your mouth and see how well you can suck this strapon cock off!
Explaining hpw I like gay slaves to be dirty, cheap and ready to suck at any moments notice… and then I stick my dick in your mouth and tell you to Suck Suck Suck!
OMG ALL THAT YUMMY PRECUM I play with & show off while telling you to “Lick It Up” – you are made to lock the precum off my strapon cock and prepare to be my person dick smoking gay slave!


7 Minutes/HD/1280×720


Sock smother Foot Bitch boy Buy Now
Price: $5.99
Size: 186 MB
Length: 4 minutes
Im rubbing my dirty sweaty knee high socked feet on his face and making him sniff them too! I was going to toss this clip as I wasnt impressed with the grubby clothes he showed up in but hey *I* look hot and OMGosh what an amazing view for you peon foot boys… Watch me rub and wipe my feet all over his face, watch him sniff my shoes and tell the camera just how great my perfect Princess feet smell!
youre a pathetic trick! Buy Now
Price: $12.99
Size: 265 MB
Length: 6 minutes
youre so pathetic you have to pay for pussy… you have to pay escorts to fuck you haha looosr! get humiliated, mocked & even teased for being a horny loser pervert who cant get fucked with out cash With my long tanned legs spread and youre gazing at my hot long legs Im taunting you by saying “I know you want me.. you want some dont you but you will NEVER get it from me loser… you have to go pay a prostitute hahaha” humiliating and taunting you for being a circle jerk trik who has to pay for attention, sex and even to be acknowledged by girls! I make a prediction on how long you last aftrer watching this before you go and find an escort to have sex with HAHAHAHA you dirty pathetic loser trick! get made fun of for having to pay for sex while the hot guys get pussy for free in abundance!
Goddess Heels Worship & Clean Buy Now
Price: $9.99
Size: 230 MB
Length: 5 minutes
you’ll adoe me in these sexy nyons and super high high heels… BUT as you can see, my heels are dirty and since I dont do my own cleaning… thats what I have you for! lick my platform high heels clean and get the treat of having my sweaty nylons feet and toes in your face… then I turn around to show off so you can DROOL over my feet, legs and ass in these nylons! GET LICKING MY SHOES CLEAN, bitch!
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Hot Ass Mind Fuck (warning: addictive!) Buy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 262 MB
Length: 6 minutes
This hot ass tease mind fuck h4pno style clip will prick tease you while my dialogue fucks with your head and suggests that you need me and how horny you get for my ass and how good it feels to be addicted to my ass.. Every time I rotate my hips and ass you get weaker, and deeper and need to serve me more and more… Then I snap my fingers and slowly shake my ass & rotate my juicy ass in many ways the whole clip through! These awesome new professional FX help to make you weaker and keep you nice and woozy! MMM and just look how my body moves, how my hips can move that way… all my curves with the angles are fucking your head up… Look at my ass and waist as I move in the most amazing ways… its like magic how I can control you just with my body…. better keep your jizz rag and wallet near by! ;) hd/1280×720
Blue IT! Jeans POV Ass on your face & High Heels Worship Buy Now
Price: $25.99
Size: 110 MB
Length: 2 minutes
Wearing my blue !IT jeans ad keeping you in proper POV mode/on the ground where you belong… I exude my beauties power over you by teasing youa nd taunting you with my ass and long legs, like Im going to sit on your or smother you… Then showing off my sexy platform heels, and allowing you to adore my feet – you of course notice my hot manicure… In pov I sit on your face and then tell you to start your servitude by kissing my heels! Iv jacked the price up on this because I felt like it, Im greedy and it makes me happy to get extra from you! Enjoy
Big Boobie Piggy Gets Bra Stuffed Buy Now
Price: $8.99
Size: 308 MB
Length: 7 minutes
Watch how I drag you (my pig finger puppet) all over my big round boobs and taunt you, turning you into a horny puppet piggy all for m big sexy boobs! Stuffing you in my bra and smothering you in-between my hot cleavage… I jiggle, shake and bounce my tits which have you in my bra, enjoying it all… Watch how youre slowly shoved, stuffed and smothered by my hot cleavage and boobs… Then slowly pulled out of my bra and put on my pretty manicured finger for more big round boob action… No talking really, just a few giggles here and there when I know your stupid pecker is going to be hard and drooling! Adore my hot cleavage and worship these perfect real Princess boobs now… watch how fast you’ll be buying more clips or phoning me after this clip! ;) HD/1280×720
No resistance to my shiny pink body Buy Now
Price: $6.99
Size: 182 MB
Length: 4 minutes
starting out with my shiny boobs and beautiful cleavage being flaunted right close up in youre face, while I saunter and prance around showing off my shiny pink jumpsuit and how awesome it looks on my curvy hot body!!! – Swaying my hips slowly while simultaneously playfully and suggestively pushing and giggling my breasts in your face… while telling you that you cant resist me and have no resistance to me…   I know exactly what Im doing… prick teasing you by showing off my juicy body and flaunting it all… Im so arrogant too and you’ll love that. Once I turn around and make you drool over my ass and my hot little camel toe! Make that my shiny little camel toe! haha youre such an addicted little perv you’re going to be fucked after watching this sexy shiny body show off tease clip! I squeeze my ass, giggle and do it in the most Princess-like cocky sexy way too… you love Princess who know theyre hot stuff! HD/1280×720 (MindyMadison.com | www.MistressMindy.net)
Mindys Lucky Human Prop Buy Now
Price: $4.99
Size: 135 MB
Length: 3 minutes
Watch me in action using him as a human prop… You can see me having my photos taken by the photographer and using the guy behind me as a human prop… Looking all bratty while I bang out hot pose after hot pose, I even grab him by the hair and look devilish at the photographer… what a talented little brat I am! The starting of the clip is Me exuding my too good and untouchable hotness by teasing this dumb ass from the studio by making him ONLY stare at my feet…haha I dont even let him look at me, he cant even touch my socks! Even when showing off he’s not allowed to watch anything but my shoes! Then is used as a prop for clips and pics even more by having to stand in that bdsm X thing while I pose for photos! nope he doesnt even get any fun, just used as clip and pic filler then sent home! Watch me pose and model for the camera and use him as a prop! What a lucky human prob he is! ( excuse his ugly clothes he was to wear a suit but the studio told him too late!)
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watch me strut around being all bratty and arrogant with my human chair/object behind me… I explain how I dont have to respect men… I prefer to use them as objects for My use…
I sit on his back and play with my hair, bounce on his skinny back with NO care or concern… Then I stand up and instantly convert him into my very own foot rest…
Showing off my sexy legs and heels then resting them on his back… occasionally DIGGING MY SPIKED HEELS INTO HIS BACK and in a bratty way say “you dont mind, right?” haha
You’ll love my outfit and just how great I look in action using “men” as objects!

Length 5:36

$17.99  / or on clips4sale Buy Now


Pay for my afternoon out, bitch!
Watch me talk about how Im going out for lunch with the girls and not going to pay for any of it… Using this idiot under my foot as nothing more than the wallet and a place to prop my foot on!
Then I spank him with the crop like a brat and begin to pose and show off to the cam! (actual length-1:20)
dont mind his ugly clothes… Id never meet a slave unless he was WELL DRESSED or in a suit but I totally forgot to tell him to wear a suit and assumed he would show up in one and since the studio time was paid for I just went with it! – hes lucky i put my dirty heels on his ugly shirt hahaha
$7.00   / or on clips4sale Buy Now


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